Validated Data Results

In partnership with University of Portland, PDX Summer School was able to get our 2013 summer session assessment data audited. By working with an independent party we can report our students achievements with 100% accuracy and validate that our program is successfully teaching students to meet and exceed grade level standards.

Thanks to all the amazing teachers who made these results possible.

Check out the complete report: 2013 Final PDX Summer Report Achievement by Student

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Results are in!

The 2013 summer session was extremely successful for many reasons including the results our students achieved. While the data has not yet been validated by an outside agency, initial analysis shows remarkable results.

In math

·      Harvey Scott96% maintained or improved

·      Harrison Park87% maintained or improved

·      Overall90% maintained or improved

In reading -

·      Harvey Scott100% maintained or improved their reading level

·      Harrison Park98% maintained or improved their reading level

·      Overall99% maintained or improved

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Welcome Staff!

We’d like to introduce our highly qualified 2013 summer staff.

Michelle Lloyd, Adolpho Garza-Cano, Alison Herron, Kala Goodman, Sarah Hedges, Margarita Portillo, Lori Ryan, Lilian Sarlos, Sally Schenk, Max “Henry” Cartagena, Tanya Pruett, Jenni Heaton, Jamie Fordyce, Lindell Stone, Jose Zegarra.

We just finished day one of training and couldn’t be more excited to start our program on Monday, July 8, 2013.

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Help us Kick-off our 2013 Summer Session!

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2012 Summer Progress Report

These graphs are a representation of the data we collected throughout our five-week 2012 Summer School session. Our students were tested at the beginning of the summer, and once a week over the five weeks. While numbers don’t tell the whole story of what we accomplished they are indicative of our successes, and we think it is important to evaluate both our program and continue striving for improvement in our students.

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